When to Prune Maple Tree?

The best time to prune a Maple tree is in the late winter or early spring when the tree is dormant and the branch framework is visible. However, to prevent messy, sticky sap from slowing down the process, wait until mid-summer or late fall to prune, the two most likely times for low sap production.

Pruning should use cuts back to lateral branches or just outside the bulge of the branch collar back to the trunk. When pruning younger Maple trees, cut off branches to sculpt the tree and promote growth. When trimming mature/older Maple trees, selectively trim them to remove any branches that are weak, dead, or crossing.

It is crucial to note that pruning more than 15% of your Maple tree annually can have detrimental effects rather than being beneficial to your plant. Also, it is recommended to prune little by little each year rather than pruning extensively all at once.

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