When did Invisalign Come Out?

Invisalign received the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 1998, and sales began in the US market in 1999. The company experienced rapid growth in the early 2000s as hundreds of thousands of patients sought the new clear alignment system. It was listed on the NASDAQ in 2001.

The FDA approval means that the experts agreed Invisalign was safe and ready to put smiles on faces.

At first, Invisalign was not widely used. Individuals were, after all, accustomed to conventional metal braces. Many people were unfamiliar with the concept of transparent, detachable aligners.

However, the benefits of Invisalign became apparent as its usage increased. Users appreciated the convenience of removable aligners. Their virtual invisibility was a significant advantage. They were equally effective in aligning teeth compared to conventional braces.

Today, Invisalign has evolved beyond being solely a dental treatment and has become a worldwide phenomenon. It is utilized by many individuals globally seeking to enhance their self-assurance through a radiant smile.

Is there a secret to Invisalign’s success? Very easy—it’s discreet, effective, and convenient.

Additionally, Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners produced by Align Technology. Over 14 million patients have been treated using the clear align system.

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